Enhanced social awareness of the environment has led to introduction of EVs that are friendly to the environment and has contributed to the increased availability of infrastructure such as EV recharging equipment.
EVCST-IC can be used for domestic EVs and PHVs. In addition to excessive current and current leakage detection, the devices are equipped with functions such as IC card authentication, communications function, lightning damage prevention, and dust/water resistance.
Equipped with the following enhanced protection functions
Water and dust resistant. Enable to be used outdoors.
Maintenance can be performed from the front to conserve space.
   Lightweight type weighs less than 38 kg.
Equipped with communications function.
   Enables you to know operation status.
Status of model which applied for Next Generation Vehicle Promotion Center subsidy.

Rated voltage Single layer 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Consecutive rated current 18A
Protection functions Equipped with earth leakage breaker
Excessive current detection ( operation stops when 20A or higher is detected)
Current leakage detection (operation stops  when leakage of 15mA or higher occurs)
Recharging connector automatic lock function
Unlock when recharging permission is authenticated
Design complies with SAE J1772.
Lightning damage prevention function (IEC61000-4-5 LEVEL:3)
Environmental conditions For indoors/outdoors use (you should however consult with us concerning special environments such as frigid zones).
External dimensions 230 (W) × 150 (H) × 300 (D) mm; max. 38 (kg)
Other IC card authentication function
Equipped with communications function.

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