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Our power business started with rectifiers in the communications market, and then it expanded into information equipment and industrial machinery. ?Lately we have been entering the environmental and new energy markets as well, utilizing our compact and high conversion efficiency technology.
The information and communications markets increasingly use high-speed communication methods such as IP and optical networks. ?This means increasing power consumption, demanding power supplies that can support diversified and power-saving supply systems.? We are developing power supplies of high efficiency and functionality and proposing optimal supply systems to address these needs.
Recently, in addition to existing energy conservation technology, new environmental concepts such as energy creation, storage and recovery are increasing in importance.? We are putting effort into developing power supplies that meet the needs of the times, including power supplies for LED lights, power conditioners for photovoltaic generators, power storage systems using lithium battery charge/discharge technology, etc.
With these product developments, we shall respond with precision to customer needs and contribute to the protection of the global environment.

We develop standard power modules that have high efficiency, low noise and high reliability and help build optimal supply systems.

Isolated DC/DC Converter (Information/Communications Markets)
Non-isolated DC-DC Converter (Information/Communications, Industrial Machinery, LED Lighting Markets)

These power supplies convert AC input and supply DC voltage for various loads.
The main products which we list are custom power supplies, but we also develop standard products.

Communications and Broadcasting Equipment Markets
Environmental and New Energy Markets

These inverters convert DC input from solar cells, storage batteries etc. and output AC.

Communication Market
INV125VA Input:DC-48V Output:AC100V 1.25A
INV1000SC Input:DC-48V Output:AC100V 10A
INV1000Ⅱ Input:DC-48V Output:AC100V 10~40A
Environmental and New Energy Markets

Our power control equipment automatically controls the power (on/off) of personal computers and their peripherals, mainly, and brings energy savings by scheduled operation (weekly).