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Car electronics

Meet our electrical products

 We have been developing electrical products since 1953, when we developed a selenium rectifier for motorcycles.  Since then, we have centered on development and sales of regulators/rectifiers and CDIs (capacitor discharge igniters) for motorcycles.  We have also expanded to develop universal engine transistor-magnets, engine generator AVRs, governor devices, and more to fit the needs of the times.
 Recently, we have been developing and mass-producing high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converters for HVs and FCVs.  Also, we have been developing ECUs (engine control units) for idle reduction in motorcycles.  Thus, we have been very active in the field of environmentally friendly products.


 Our electrical products implement an integration of core technologies such as vehicle equipment technology and power circuit technology that we have polished over many years. They make wide use of power semiconductors of our own manufacture which are highly reliable and highly efficient.
 The manufacturing know-how and management techniques that have undergirded our development and production of electrical products for motorcycles and automobiles are being utilized in production bases throughout Asia as we expand. We are supplying goods to global markets with high-level QCDS (quality, cost, delivery, and service).

Products for automobiles
 Our products for automobiles are developed using the full range of technological elements we have at our disposal, including the technology we have cultivated over many years for implementation in vehicles, as well as our power semiconductor technology, power circuit technology, etc.  In particular, the power semiconductors which are key parts of our power converters are optimized down to the chip level as they are configured into the circuits used in our products.  Now, we are offering high-performance, high-quality DC/DC converters that supply 12 V-type load to next-generation environmental vehicles such as HVs and FCXs.
HV用DC/DCコンバータ LED照明用コンバータ

Products for motorcycies
 We develop with adaptations for every chassis and focus on the fields of ignition, charging, and control.  For example, in ignition, we develop and sell CDI to control the time of engine ignition; in charging, regulators that bring stable battery voltage; and, in control, winker relays and regulators and such combined into idle reduction ECUs.
We also sell our regulators and winker relays by catalog.
REG/RECT(レギュレータ/レクチファイア) ダイオードASSY
DC CDI (小型二輪車用) アイドリングSTOP対応ECU※ winker relay

Unniversal engine electrical Products

 Our universal engine electrical products are combined with universal standalone engines and installed in string trimmers, pumps, lawnmowers, snow blowers, generators, etc.  We put great effort into the development of eco-friendly inverters that curb the energy consumption of generators and such proportional to the external load fluctuation to the minimum, with the spotlight on our sine wave inverter, which converts the AC voltage from the rotational energy of a generator to quality commercial voltage.

正弦波インバータ サイクロコンバータ ガスコージェネレーションシステム用ECU※

※ECU=Engine Control Unit

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