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Perfect for Thin Power Supplies! New Bridge Diode Series: "JA Package"


 Flat panel displays are faster yet becoming thinner, as storage servers and such are becoming thinner and smaller. Correspondingly, demand for thinner and smaller bridge diodes for use in AC/DC power is becoming ever larger. To respond to this, we have developed the "JA series," with heights shorter than earlier bridge diodes by 34% or more. By incorporating innovative ideas at the structural design stage, we have achieved bridge diodes with 30A-class rated current, the highest in the industry1. Thus, the product helps make devices thinner and smaller, reduces and lightens the materials composing the diodes, and therefore excites expectations from an environmental conservation standpoint as well.

Product Features:
Height of 15.9 mm (typ.) from board mounting surface → Lower than TO-220 type
With 15 A to 30 A-class rated current, the thinnest in the world1
Major reduction to package volume and improved heat resistance (θjc) compared to our previous product2

※1 Our inspection
※2 5S package

 The JA series of bridge diodes has thoroughly reviewed the structural design of its predecessors and succeeded in embodying miniaturization without loss in product performance. While so much attention is already being given to improving the characteristics of semiconductor chips, creative structural design has allowed us to answer customers' needs. It means something that we have managed to develop an eco-product even lower, smaller and lighter and thus more useful for reducing environmental load.
 We intend to keep a broad outlook from the sides of both semiconductor chips and structure and keep developing the power devices of the next generation.