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Revolutionary Power MOSFET Technology, Environmentally Sound and Yet Balanced!

 As environmental awareness rises, demands for energy savings keep increasing, and eco-products that make efficient use of electric energy are coming to be needed. Expectations are mounting for power devices with improved characteristics to curb loss in power circuits' power conversion. To answer these needs, we are pushing forward performance improvements in power MOSFETs, used widely in power converters, etc. We introduce the technology of our next-generation power MOSFET "Hi-PotMOS," which reduces environmentally important on-state resistance (RonA-VDSS) by 20% or more compared to our previous products. It prevents drops in durability due to what is called loss of on-state resistance and achieves both high efficiency and high durability simultaneously.
・Product features: High durability, low Ron-Qg, low on-state resistance
・Specifications: Voltage VDSS 500V to 600V, rated current 5V to 20 A

[Environmental Performance]

 The Hi-PotMOS series makes possible energy-saving power more eco-friendly yet than previous power circuits. Also, while the general trend is for the pursuit of low on-state resistance to weaken MOSFETs' durability, its strong durability can improve the reliability of the whole power supply. It can even lower costs by reducing the number of external parts such as protection circuits. Furthermore, the series can serve all kinds of power circuit needs even other than energy conservation, such as by shortening the amount of time consumed by difficult power circuit design. Shindengen's next-generation power device combining efficiency and durability, Hi-PotMOS. We shall continue to seek the next steps forward and put our efforts into new development.