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Power Conditioner Technology for Photovoltaic Solar Generators (Power Conditioners for Solar Generation (High-Frequency Insulation Technology))


 In photovoltaic solar generation, a phenomenon has been reported whereby earth current flows as stray capacitance arising between the electrode and ground, it leaks around into the AC side, and the breaker trips. In current public and industrial photovoltaic generation systems, commercial transformers have been installed to counter this, but the disadvantages have been pointed out that installation space is restricted, commercial transformers are heavy, and procurement and installation costs mount. Our power conditioners contain transformers from the start, while, thanks to the use of our unique power technology, they achieve performance in conversion efficiency, size, and weight that equals or surpasses that of other companies'. In addition, we have crafted their structure with care so as to be easy to install and to wire.

Use high-frequency isolation method
Thanks to our unique power technology, simultaneously attain small size, light weight (equivalent to the non-isolated type) and superior efficiency (93%).

 With a non-isolated model, stray capacitance from the power company's grid may flow between the photovoltaic cell module and the earth, and leak current may trip the leak breaker.

 With a model isolated with a commercial transformer, there will not be leak current or ground current flowing from the power company's grid, but commercial transformers are large and heavy, driving total costs high.

 With a high-frequency isolated model, there will not be leak current or ground current flowing from the power company's grid, and the high-frequency isolation will eliminate the need for a commercial transformer and keep things light, small, and low in total cost.

 In the photovoltaic generation market, considered certain to grow from here on, the competition is massive and cutthroat. By filling out our lineup with products that pursue high efficiency, small size and light weight, we intend to establish our presence in the market.