Storage battery management unit
This unit measures the voltage, surrounding temperature etc. of seal lead storage batteries, detects abnormalities in and determines the lifespan of the storage batteries, and sends signals outward.

Battery degradation determination unit
This unit determines degradation of lead storage batteries by estimating the storage batteries' capacity from their internal resistance, voltage etc.

Storage battery capacity testing unit
This unit conducts tests storage battery discharge for capacity and checks the capacity of storage batteries for recovery charge.

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Control unit for monitoring of electricity distribution receiving
This unit monitors the boards of electricity distribution receiving systems and performs switching control with standby power systems when commercial power goes out or comes back on.

Metallic LAN conversion unit/serial LAN conversion unit
This unit takes the ground signals, measurement signals etc. of communication power devices in a building and transfers that information to devices connected by LAN.

Information transfer device for small-scale bases
This unit takes the ground and measurement information of communication power units etc. and transfers that information through LAN circuits to central units. If it finds unit failure or deviation from measurement thresholds, it transfers warning data to the central units, and it periodically transfers daily report data to the central units.

Energy monitoring
To reduce CO2 and to respond to the amended Rationalization of Energy Use Law, energy management down to the individual business level is required. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to "visualize" the amount of energy used by workplaces, stores etc. in aggregate.