・Control of power from a remote site
・Scheduled operation

Control power easily from a remote site with a web browser
Use a web browser to control the 8 output outlets of a Smart Outlet installed in a remote location, separately or together. For example, even if a device under operation management hangs up, one can avoid the trouble of going to where the device is installed and instead reboot the device from one's current location, saving costs.
Power management of connected devices can be schedule-operated on a weekly basis
Thanks to the inclusion of a scheduling function, all outlets can turn on or off in the order specified at times previously scheduled for turning on or off on each day of the week. This can stop anyone from forgetting to turn of the power before a night or holiday when the office automation devices will not be used, helping to curb wasteful power consumption. Also, power management of office automation devices can be handled without being touched by anyone other than the system administrator. 。
Sequential functionality
Supports 19-inch racks
Supports BOOTP protocol
Input Voltage 100 VAC ±10%
50/60 Hz ±2 Hz
Power Consumption Max. 20 W
Rush Current Max. 30 A or less
Dielectric Voltage-Input-Frame 1000 VAC for 1 minute
Dielectric Resistance 5 MΩ or more (resistance total rated voltage 500 V)
Leak Current 1 mA or less
AC Cables Grounded 2-pole (2 parallel prongs + earth), cable length approx. 3 m
Mass 3.0 kg or less
Operating Environment Temperature:? 0° to 40°C
Humidity:? 20 to 80% (with no condensation)
Standard Conformance VCCI Class A
Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, Category A
LAN Interface 10BASE-T RJ-45
RS-232C Interface D-SUB, 9-pin, male
RS-232C-conformant, DTE specification
Communication protocol:? asynchronous
Transfer rate:? 9600 bps
Outlets 8:? grounded 2-pole (2 parallel prongs + earth)
Outlet Current Total of 8:? max. 15 A
Outlet Rush Current Total of 8: ?max. 100 A (10 ms)
Status LEDs Outlet status Green 8
LAN status Green 1
CPU status Yellow/Red/(Orange) 1
Calendar Backup Time At least 48 hours (charge 20 min. or more)
Working Life Approx. 5 years
・Can be mounted to 19-inch racks using the included mounting brackets. Units: mm