features and functions
・Simple setting down only energy-saving design
 Input/ouput capacitor and choke mounting makes external
 parts and heat sink fins unnecessary
・High efficiency (95% Vin=24V Io=3A, 90% Vin=5VC Io=3A)
・Output voltage can be varied (by adding an external resistor)
・Wide input voltage range (HNDS Series 9~28V)
・Low voltage input compatible (HNAS Series 3.0~5.5V)
・High current compatibility at 24V system input (HNDS Series 3A)
・Operating ambient temperature -40°C to +85°C
・(with temperature derating)
・Remote ON/OFF
・Various protection functions (overcurrent protection function,
 overheating protection function)
・Mounting variations SIP (L)/DIP(D)/SMD(S)
・Uniform 18.7mm substrate height (SIP Type)
・SIP Type D×W×H
 HNDS010A-L 23.5mm×7.7mm×18.7mm
 HNDS030A-L 28.5mm×8.2mm×18.7mm
 HNAS030A-L 23.5mm×7.7mm×18.7mm
・RoHS Directive compliant


Type No. Input Voltage Range Output (Vo) Output (Io) Efficiency (Typ) Manuals
HNDS010A-D/L DC 9~28 V DC 5V 1A 87%at rated input/output -
HNDS030A-D/L DC 9~28 V DC 5V 3A 92%at rated input/output
HNAS030A-S/L DC 3.0~5.5 V DC 3.3V 3A 90%at rated input/output

*We reserve the right to make any changes to these speciflcations without notice.

Our DC-DC converters are meant to be used for general electronic devices (for communication, information, office automation, measurement etc.).? Always check the supply specifications and manuals before using.? Do not use for machines that can directly threaten human life or limb if they malfunction or break (for medicine, aerospace, nuclear power etc.).? If planning to use them otherwise than for general electronic devices, please discuss it with our sales department.
These products do not contain any integrated circuits that fall under export regulations for strategic goods and the like, as general-purpose power supplies.? Nor do they fall under the regulations of the Export Trade Control? Order, Appendix 1, Paragraph 2, or the MITI Order, Article 1, Paragraph 41, "Direct-Current Power Supplies," or Paragraph 48, "Assemblies That Possess Switching Functions"; thus, they are determined to be unaffected.