The HR series of DC-DC converters has been discontinued as of June 8, 2006.

As of August 2015, the following series of our standard power supplies have been discontinued.? If you are using one of the affected models, please switch to another company's power supplies.
Discontinued Model Name
Time of Production Stoppage
Time for Last Orders
AYS series Dec. 1990 Past
AYP series
BY series Dec. 1994 Past
BX series Jun. 1996 Past
BYG series
CYS series Oct. 1987 Past
CYG series Sep. 1996 Past
EYG-U series Apr. 2000 Past
EYG-GN series
EYP series Mar. 1997 Past
EY series Dec. 2001 Past
EV series
FY-GN series Apr. 1999 Past
FYG series Apr. 2000 Past
FYM series Sep. 2003 Past
FYX series Sep. 2003 Past
GY-GN series Apr. 1999 Past
HSA series Mar. 2015 Past
HY25/50/100 series Dec. 2001 Past
HY200/300 series Apr. 2000 Past
HV/HVW series Dec. 2001 Past
JY series Sep. 2003 Past
LY/LY-U series Apr. 2000 Past
LYA series Sep. 2003 Past
LYC series
LYM series Dec. 2001 Past
MY series Dec. 1999 Past
MV series Apr. 1999 Past
MYG series
PY-U series Aug. 1997 Past
SAC・SDC series Sep. 2003 Past
SY-U series Apr. 1999 Past
SY-GN500W and under Apr. 2000 Past
SY-GN600W Apr. 1999 Past
SY-GN750W and higher Oct. 1994 Past
SE-G series Oct. 1994 Past
SXE series Oct. 1996 Past
SYE series Jun. 1996 Past
GPPIU RACKAA Mar. 2015 Past
GPR-48-1000N Mar. 2015 Past
BLANK-U Mar. 2015 Past
AC Adapters
ZB series Sep. 2003 Past
Outage Detection Modules
BYN1A Aug. 1996 Past
PFM01 Dec. 1999 Past
HDA series (1 W) Dec. 1995 Past
HDB series (2 W)
HDC series Sep. 2003 Past
HDF series (standard type) Sep. 2003 Past
HDF series, dielectric voltage 1500 VAC type Apr. 1999 Past
HG series Sep. 2001 Past
HJK series Apr. 1999 Past
HLD00006M May. 1995 Past
HL series Apr. 2001 Past
HPH series Sep. 1998 Past
HR series Jun. 2006 Past
HG series:? radiator fins Apr. 2000 Past
HG series:? boards
HL series:? coils for 3 A/6 A
HL series:? kits Oct. 1999 Past
HE-012 Apr. 1999 Past
LED Power Supplies
HS64L0FR Sep. 2012 Past
HS47S6FRI Sep. 2012 Past
HS25S9FR Mar. 2014 Past
HS150S0FR-J48 Mar. 2016 Oct. 2015
HS70S9FR-J48 Mar. 2016 Oct. 2015

We generally offer repairs of discontinued AC/DC power supplies for about 5 to 7 years after production ends.? Please request repairs through the same route used for purchase.? The repairs may take some time to complete depending on the damaged parts.? There may also be cases in which damage is beyond repair.? We ask for your understanding.