Proposal for semi-customized power modules
for industrial motor drive circuits


Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (head office in Ote-machi, Chiyoda-ku), in response to the various needs of customers, has started semi-customization of the industrial motor drive circuit power module (product name: MG020200) which was released in December 2013.
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This time, as an example, we introduce the semi-customization we did using the package of MG020200 (mass-produced product).

2.Example of semi-customization

Product name: MG020200
[Outline drawing] (Package name: MG001 (MG02))


By conforming to all safety standards and ensuring insulation and high heat dissipation, etc., we made it possible to customize it to be more compact and lighter with a high-voltage device for an input of 200 V commercial voltage.

■Conforming to all safety standards
By giving the package a step-shaped edge, it was possible to achieve a creepage distance and spatial distance that conform to safety standards, and was easy to ensure the distances between the heat dissipation fin and terminals, and between the terminal mounting lands. (Note 1)
(Note 1: Standards = IEC/EN61800-5-1 and UL61800-5-1)

There is 2.5 kV withstand voltage between the terminals and heat dissipation surface, and therefore no need for the customer to take any insulation measures. (Note 2)
Some products have acquired UL1557 safety standard certification for insulation.
(Note 2: Although insulation sheets, etc. are not necessary for insulation, it is necessary to apply grease in order to improve the heat dissipation.)

■High heat dissipation
High heat dissipation was achieved while still maintaining insulation by the use of high heat dissipation insulating substrates (44% less than conventional products).

■Example of change to circuit and specifications
[MG020200 internal circuit]
[MG020200 specifications]

@. Customization by changing the mounted devices
 It is possible to change the withstand voltage, rated current and class of the mounted devices.
 [Example of change]
  ・Brake Di VRM customized from 600V to 400V.
  ・Brake Di Io customized from 3A to 20A
  ・Brake switching device customized from IGBT to MOSFET.
  ・Converter Di customized from a normal diode(VF ≦1.05V) to a low VFdiode(VF≦0.92V).

A. Customization by changing the circuit
 It is possible to change the internal circuit.
 [Example of change]
  ・Converter customized from three phase to single phase.
  ・Brake customized to power factor improvement circuit.
  ・It is also possible to customize to a half-bridge circuit or full-bridge circuit.

3.Prototype production

The shortest time for producing a sample is one month. (Note 3)
(Note 3: As the actual time necessary depends on the details of the customization and whether we have the semiconductor bare die in stock, etc., please contact us for details.)

4.Final word

We will continue to actively carry out semi-customization in order to meet our customers' needs while still expanding our packages and increasing the range of our standard products.

Photo of package

5.Contact information

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Marketing Section, Sales Promotion Department
TEL +81-3-3279-4687
FAX +81-3-3279-4537


* The above information is correct as of 22 October 2015.