Notification concerning commercial availability of IC MH2501SC / MH2511SC for PFC control that supports multi-interleave

This is to inform you that in June 2012 Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (main office located in Ohtemachi, Chiyoda ward Tokyo) announces new PFC Controller MH2501SC and MH2511SC using Easy MultiTM Interleaving technology.

  • Master/slave current critical interleave operation ahieves high efficiency with minimal noise.
  • At least 3-phase (stage) interleave operation is enabled by connecting multiple slave converters in parallel.
  • Only the master IC can be used as a single PFC.
  • Vcc 26V withstand voltage guarantee offers a wide range of input voltage.
  • Equipped with enhanced protection function.

1. General Description

MH2501SC and MH2511SC are ICs for critical PFC circuits that support multi-interleave.
Conducting interleave operation using MH2501SC / MH2511SC offers a low-noise, high-efficiency PFC circuit (features of critical PFC) even in a large electric power range (only MH2501SC can be used as a single PFC).
Interleave control enables a more compact device and enables a thiuner power supply.

2. Features

  • Excessive current detection
  • Excessive voltage detection
    (Guards against transient overshoot when booting, etc.)
  • Feedback open detection
  • Countermeasure against output current rise when low load.
  • Slave IC control function
  • Overheat protection
  • Output diode short protection
  • Excessive current detection
  • Most suited, accurate multi-stage interleave control function
    ・ Best "on" timing is determined by receiving
    a signal from IC at preceding stage.
    ・ Same "on" width as IC is generated at preceding stage.
  • Next stage slave IC control function
  • Abnormal signal output function when slave IC operation stops.

3. Main Applications

  • Energy-saving flat panel televisions
  • Air conditioners
  • Power supply for LBP document equipment, etc.
  • Industrial equipment
  • Other

4. Package Dimension

5. Basic configuration

6. Sample design from efficiency / power factor 4 kW / 3-stage interleave data

7. Product Plants

  • Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd., and others.

8. Availability of sample products and start of production

  • Samples will be available beginning April 2012.
  • Sales starting in June 2012

9. Price

  • Price of samples: 500 JPY

10. Minimum Order Quantity

  • 3,000 pcs per reel

11. Contact

  • Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  
    Electronic Device Div. Group 

    ※Listed information were update on July 05, 2012