@@LED Driver IC
@MV1001SC / MV1002SC
@Product Launch

This is to inform you that in November 2012 Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (main office located in Ohtemachi, Chiyoda ward Tokyo) has commenced sales of the "MV1001SC" and "MV1002SC" LED driver ICs which are compatible with both linear dimming input and PWM dimming input and allows for smooth deep dimming.

@@@@@LED Driver IC

MV1001SC / MV1002SC

PDGeneral Description

@In recent years, demand for energy saving features has grown greatly both in Japan and worldwide and in the lighting market as demand has grown for LED lights which have very low energy consumption.
@The MV1001SC/MV1002SC feature functions specialized for LED lighting, such as no auxiliary winding partial resonance operation, deep dimming and compatibility with illuminated light switches and the MV1001SC can operate directly from input voltage after rectification through an AC direct input function.
@An off width modulation function allows for smooth deep dimming of 1% or less. In addition, the illuminated light switch compatibility function allows for a direct switch to LED light bulbs from incandescent light bulbs while avoiding the issue of residual weak illumination from the LED even when the power switch is off.


@ Allows for partial resonance operation with no auxiliary winding
@ Partial resonance operation through current threshold mode allows for low input variation with high efficiency and low noise
@ Off width modulation for deep dimming (1% or less)
@ Allows for PWM dimming input and linear dimming input
@ Compatible with illuminated light switches
@ Allows for LED open-circuit protection using auxiliary winding
@ Equipped with overheat protection/UVLO/LED short protection functions
@ Can operated via AC direct input (MV1001SC)
@ Uses an external starter circuit and can be constructed of only low voltage pins (MV1002SC)

RDMain Applications

@ LED ceiling lights
@ LED base lights
@ LED downlights
@ Other LED lighting equipment

SDPackage Dimension SOP8J: UnitFmm

TD Basic configuration

Low-side switch operation

High-side switch operation

UDEfficiency & Dimming Characteristics (MV1001 SC, Vin=DC200V / Vo=100V)

VDProduct Plants

  • Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd., and others.

WDAvailability of sample products and start of production

  • Sales starting in November 2012


  • Price of samplesF500 JPY

PODMinimum Order Quantity

  • 3,000 pcs per reel


  • Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Electronic Device Div. Group
    Listed information were update on December 4,2012