First in the Industry!
High-Frequency-Isolated 3-Phase 3-Wire 5 kW Power Conditioner
"SOLGRID®"Series New Model "PVS005T200"


Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku) has developed the industry's first high-frequency-isolated, 3-phase and 3-wire 5 kW "PVS005T200" power conditioner as a third model to the SOLGRID®¦1 series power conditioners for photovoltaic generation. It will be on sale from January 2012, with the target market being public as well as industrial fields.


œ First in the Industry! High-frequency-isolated, 3-phase 3-wire 5 kW (for outdoor use)
@E Developed for small to medium size stores, public facilities including schools and industrial fields
@E Suitable to be used with 10 kW power conditioner to supplement the capacity or to decrease the footprint by installing multiple power conditioners at different locations
œ The highest level of power conversion efficiency in the industry¦2: 93% or higher (the highest power conversion efficiency including junction box function)
œ Light-weight compact design
  Size : 600 (W) × 260 mm (D) × 475 (H)
Weight: 45 kg or less
œ Uses high-frequency isolation, eliminating the need to install a commercial transformer. Safety secured.
Prevents ground-fault current from stray capacitance generated by photovoltaic cell, supports DC grounding, not limited to AC connection
œ Supports parallel operation (up to 30)
œ Built-in junction box function (up to 4 circuits, 10 A or less/circuit)
œ SUS outer case as standard specification
œ Built-in transducer as standard specification
œ Wide range of additional functions
@E Manual resetting operation during power outage and remote control function
@E Interconnection start countdown display
@E Detailed error log display
@E External operation logic selection function
@E Contact output test function, etc.
œ Many options available
@E Automatic operation
@E Ground fault detecting module for negative/positive terminals
@E Direct sunlight resistant, no junction box type, etc
œ JET certification pending (acquisition planned for January 2012)

@@@@@¦1@SOLGRID is a registered trademark of Shindengen.
@@@@@¦2@ According to an internal study


2DGeneral Description

@Photovoltaic generation systems need power conditioners to convert DC power generated from a photovoltaic panel to AC power. With momentum building for higher generation efficiency throughout the system, an intense need has grown for a power conditioner with improved conversion efficiency.
@Since the summer of 2010, we have successfully developed and, since then, have been providing, 1-phase and 3-phase 3-wire 10 kW SOLGRID® series power conditioners that boast high-frequency-isolation. Now we present you the third model of this series, 5 kW "PVS005T200",
@which is the first of its class to utilize 3-phase 3-wire system. It can achieve the highest level of power conversion efficiency in the industry: more than 93%.
The "PVS005T200" uses high-frequency isolation to solve a problem found in the current status quo of non-isolated power conditioners, that leak current arises in the photovoltaic generation system. The product also helps to save space and to make installation more convenient in that it does not need an isolating transformer installed externally. What is more, it conforms to the guideline requirements for grid connection technology (JEAC 9701-2010) and offers many useful functions for improving the overall performance of the photovoltaic generation system, including the ability to sell surplus power and a high power conversion efficiency of no less than 90% even with low power supply.
@Focusing on its advantage in combined use with 10 kW power conditioner for a capacity supplement or for decreasing footprint by installation at multiple locations, we are pushing for aggressive sales of the PVS005T200 into schools, public and industrial fields, as well as into small to medium size stores, where the introduction of photovoltaic generation systems is spreading rapidly.
@We will continue our efforts to develop even further by working on products that can accurately capture the needs of the market while also reducing the impact on the environment.


3DProduct@Chart (Specifications)

@ @


  • Japanese manufacturing plants only (as of December 2011)


  • Samples shipped from December 2011. Mass production starts from January 2012.


  • Open pricing

7DMinimum Order Quantity

  • Orders taken from 1 unit (however, unit price will vary with order quantity).


@Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
@ @@East Japan General Branch Next Generation Energy Sales Dept. @


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