We Have Developed a New Power Conditioner with
Single-Phase 3-Wire High-Frequency Isolation:
The 10 kW "PVS010S200" from the"SOLGRID Series"!


Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku) has developed the "PVS010S200," a single-phase 3-wire 10 kW power conditioner with high-frequency isolation for photovoltaic generation, the second generation in the SOLGRID*1 Series. We acquired JET certification in June 2011 and have now commenced sales.


Features of the "PVS010S200," the SOLGRID 10 kW power conditioner for photovoltaic generation

AC output: Single-phase 3-wire, 10 kW
Uses Shindengen's proprietary power circuit technology to achieve more than 93%
of the highest level of power conversion efficiency in the industry.
@ (Maximum power conversion efficiency includes a junction box function)
The compact and light-weight design offers superior heat dissipation,
@ and provides more extensive wiring space, and improved maintenance
@ and workability.
@ Size: 600 mm (W) ~ 260 mm (D) ~ 700 mm (H)
Uses high-frequency isolation, which eliminates the need to install a commercial
@ transformer, and provides more security. Prevents ground faults due to stray
@ capacitance in the photovoltaic cell, makes a DC ground possible,
@ and is not limited to an AC wiring system
Supports parallel operation: Up to 30 units
@ Please refer to extra follows, driving in parallel more than nine.
Equipped with an internal junction box function: Up to 7 circuits, 10 A or less / circuit
Equipped with an external SUS case as standard
Equipped with a transducer as standard
Various options available Example: Self-sustained operation capability,
@ specifications for direct sunlight, without the junction box option, etc.
Japan Electrical Safety and Environmental Technology Laboratories (JET)
@ certification number: P-0164, P-0165 (Certified in June 2011)


@We have started to ship the single-phase 3-wire 10 kW power conditioner "PVS010S200" as part of the SOLGRID1 Series. It is based on the same developmental concept as the initial 3-phase 3-wire 10 kW power conditioner "PVS010T200," which has become well renowned in the industry since the outset of full-scale production in the summer of 2010. Shindengen uses its proprietary inverter power circuit technology to achieve more than 93% of the highest level in power conversion2 in the industry for high-frequency isolation models. In addition, it applies the same high-frequency isolation to solve issues with leakage current found in the photovoltaic generation system that use non-isolated power conditioners. This product is also designed to help save space to make installation more convenient, since it does not require an isolating transformer to be installed externally. Furthermore, it conforms to the requirements set by the Grid-Interconnection Code (JEAC 9701-2006) and offers many useful functions for improving the overall performance of the photovoltaic generation systems, including the ability to sell back surplus power.
@The PVS010S200 provides a solid product solution for the market's needs, with environmental performance at the highest level in the industry. Shindengen continues to strengthen sales by focusing on schools, and public and industrial fields, where the integration of photovoltaic generation systems is spreading rapidly.

1 SOLGRID is a registered trademark.
2 According to an internal study



Item Specification Remarks
Universal spec. Isolation High-frequency isolation  
Cooling Forced air cooling  
DC side ground Ground available  
DC input Rated input voltage DC 320 V @
Operating input voltage range DC 200 to 500 V Rated output: 250 to 500 V
Max. power tracking range DC 200 to 450V @
Max. input circuits 7 circuits (10A / circuit) @
AC output Output control method Voltage-current control @
Phase Single-phase 3-wire @
Power control method Max. power tracking control @
Rated output power 10 kW @
Voltage tracking range AC 202 V ±20 V @
Frequency tracking range 50 Hz ±3% / 60 Hz ±3% Auto-switching
Output fundamental power-factor 0.95 or greater At rated output
Current distortion factor Total 5% or less, each degree 3% or less
(Rated output current ratio)
At rated output
Max. power conversion efficiency 93% or greater (including junction box function) @
AC output
Output control method Voltage-voltage control @
Phase Single-phase 2-wire @
Rated output power 1.5 kW (1.5 kVA) @
Rated voltage AC 100 V @
Constant voltage accuracy Within ±2% Rated voltage
Output voltage distortion factor Total 5% or less Linear load
Rated output frequency 50 Hz ±1% / 60 Hz ±1% @
Max. power conversion efficiency 84% or greater (including junction box function) With resistance load


  • Domestic production plants (as of June 2011)


  • Mass production started in June 2011


  • Open pricing

V.Minimum Order Quantity

  • We accept orders from one unit. (Unit price may vary with order quantity.)


@Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. @
@@East Japan General Branch Next Generation Energy Sales Dept.

   * Listed information were update on June 17th, 2011.