After the successful development of low height bridge diodes JA series in high current capacitance range of 15 A to 25 A, Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
(Headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) has now developed bridge diodes in middle current capacitance range of 6 A to 10 A, named JB series.
Their height from the mounting surface is only 11.7 mm, which is the smallest*1 in the world for diodes in this capacitance range. The series includes 6 types of diode, and their mass production has already commenced since December 2010.

We will continue our efforts to manufacture smaller and thinner devices that meet your expectations.

JB Series Low Height Bridge Diodes Product Development Announcement
●Only 11.7 mm height from the board mounting surface! The world’s lowest*1 height bridge
  diodes in this capacitance range. Height reduced by 36% (6.8mm) from the previous 3S series
●Middle range capacitance: Io (Output current) of 6 A, 8 A and 10 A     * JA series: 15A ? 25A (High capacitance)
●Supports wide input: VRM (Peak reverse voltage) of 600/800 V
●Pin compatible with 3S series ? Enables easy replacement
●High temperature guarantee up to:
  Tj (Junction temperature) = 150°C
●RoHS Compliant
●Complies with high safety standards UL94 V-0 and IEC 60950/6006
  Acquired UL1557 Certificate; File No. 140422
3S series package Mounted height: 18.5 mm JB series package Mounted height: 11.7 mm Same capacitance 36% lower!


Apart from the LCD televisions that use LEDs for conserving energy, the need for smaller and thinner power sources for electrical equipment such as projectors and game machines has grown considerably.
To meet the demands for energy-saving, compact power source, we have developed this JB series, low height bridge diodes with middle current capacitance range of 6 A to 10 A, following JA series diodes for high current capacitance range of 15 A to 25 A. The series includes 6 types of diode, and their mass production has already commenced.
The JB series diodes have many improvements from our previous 3S series. They have new exterior surface*2 for effective heat dissipation, which has also reduced height by approximately 36% (6.8 mm) while maintaining the level of Io (Output current). This managed to achieve with the world’s lowest height of 11.7 mm for middle current capacitance range. We have also managed to reduce the mounting area on the PCB by upgrading the lead wire, and therefore completing the new products that meet the needs for small and thin diodes.

We shall continue to contribute to the protection of the global environment by developing high-efficiency power devices with excellent environmental performance that satisfy customer needs.

*1 According to an internal study
*2 Patent pending

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Bridge diodes

 Bridge diodes

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●Shindengen Philippines Corp. and others


●Mass production since December 2010

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Thousand pieces (Please order in thousands)

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・Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Electronic Device Div Group Product Marketing Dept.

* Listed information were update on January 14th, 2011.