Low VF,Iow trr, High Surge Resistance! Notice of The Expansion of The 400V Fast Recovery Diode "U Series"

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
has expanded the lineup of the "U series", new models of fast recovery diodes (hereafter FRDs) which began mass production in July 2008.


 In recent years, diodes used in the power sections of LED lighting devices, flat panel displays and such are facing demands for still greater power savings. To respond to these needs, we have developed the "U series" of more efficient, reliable 400 V FRDs, put them into mass production in July 2008, and expanded the series.
 By improving the tradeoff between VF and trr in the installed chips, the "U series", compared to our previous products, has lowered VF(max) approximately 4%, from 1.3 V to 1.25 V. Furthermore, it has improved trr (max) by 30% or more, from 50 ns to 35 ns, a product responsive to energy-saving needs. Moreover, with up to 150 A of surge resistance, it shows superior characteristics in regard to reliability as well.
 We shall make energy conservation a reality offering high reliability when the "U series"is installed into all kinds of power supplies, and so we shall continue to contribute to the protection of the global environment.



  • VRM 400V
  • Low VF: 1.25 V (max) (predecessor: VF 1.3V)
  • Low trr: 35 ns (max) (predecessor: trr 50 ns)
  • Achieves high surge resistance of up to 150 A (S3L40U) (upwards of 250% more resistance than the
        previous products)
  • 4 form types: AX057, AX078, AX10, AX14 (see section 4 below for form diagrams)
  • Tj = 150℃guaranteed
  • Terminal plating Pb-free

  • 3.Comparison of Characteristics

    4.Form Diagrams

    5.Product Chart

    Product name IO[A] VRM[V] VF(max) [V] IR(max) [mA] Tj[℃] IFSM[A] Form Trr(MAX)[ns]
    D1NL40U 1 400 1.25 0.01 150 50 AX057 25
    D2L40U 2 80 AX078 35
    S2L40U 100 AX10
    S3L40U 3 150 AX14

    6.Main Applications

    • LED lighting, FPDs, consumer products, power circuits

    • 7.Production

      Mass production in effect since July 2008

      8.Prices (sample)

    • D1NL40U
    • 70 yen
    • D2L40U
    • 90 yen
    • S2L40U
    • 90 yen
    • S3L40U
    • 120 yen

      9.Minimum order quantity

    • D1NL40U
    • 3,000
    • D2L40U S2L40U S3L40U
    • 200


      Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      Electronic Device Div. Group Sales Marketing Dept.
      * Listed information were update on July 3rd, 2009.