New Products
Semiconductor Products 2018.01.16 Announcement of the Development of the Low Withstand Voltage Trench Structure MOSFET EETMOS Compact Package LF Series

Semiconductor Products 2017.10.04 New Product Information Introducing the Industry's First * 800V Tj = 150°C Guaranteed Thyristor

Semiconductor Products 2017.09.29 New Product Information Large current compatible SC-110 package (CE)for vehicle applications now available

Semiconductor Products 2017.06.30 New Product Information Product Launch Announcement About FR Package

Semiconductor Products 2017.06.09 New Product Information Launch Announcement of TO-277A Package for Large Current Support in Cars

Semiconductor Products 2017.05.25 Power Zener diode series (TVS) lineup

Semiconductor Products 2017.04.11 Lineup Expansion of SMD Bridge Diode rated current 2A

Semiconductor Products 2017.04.07 Notice of commencement of shipping for samples of the MF2001SF industry minimum low input voltage driven IC

Semiconductor Products 2016.11.01 Development of MCZ5213ST PFC+LLC
controller equipped with THD improvement function

Semiconductor Products 2016.02.22 Notice of expanded power zener (TVS) lineup
(maximum operating voltage: 240 V→320 V)

Semiconductor Products 2016.02.22 Notice of start of mass production of “KC5FB60HRT”
150°C-guaranteed thyristors (for inrush current prevention)

Semiconductor Products 2015.12.28 Announcement of a new lineup: the high-speed high breakdown voltage MOSFET Hi-PotMOSRSeries

Semiconductor Products 2015.11.25 Announcing the launch of the MCZ5209SN PFC+LLC current resonance control IC equipped with standby power reduction feature

Semiconductor Products 2015.10.30 Proposal for semi-customized power modules for industrial moter drive circuits

Semiconductor Products 2015.05.20 To contribute to reducing industrial machinery size and improving productivity by using our Power Modules together with Mitsubishi's DIPIPM.

Semiconductor Products 2013.08.02 Development of a Power Module for Industrial Motor Drive Circuits

2013.03.15 Dust Proof/Water Proof Power Supplies for LED Lighting

Semiconductor Products 2012.12.20 LED Driver IC MV1001SC / MV1002SC Product Launch Announcement

Semiconductor Products 2012.11.29 IC for Quasi-resonant Power Supply MS1003SH/MS1004SH Product Launch Announcement.

Semiconductor Products 2012.07.05 Notification concerning commercial availability of IC MH2501SC / MH2511SC for PFC control that supports multi-interleave

2012.06.28 Notification concerning development and marketing of EVCST-IC conventional recharging stand for EV/PHV.

2012.01.19 First in the Industry! High-Frequency-Isolated 3-Phase 3-Wire 5kw Power Conditioner"SOLGRIDR"Series New Model "PVS005T200"

Semiconductor Products 2011.09.02 PFC controller and LLC controller with a direct-gate driver Announcing the MCZ5205SE

2011.07.27 We Have Developed a New Power Conditioner with Single-Phase 3-Wire High-Frequency Isolation:The 10 kW "PVS010S200" from the"SOLGRID Series"!

Semiconductor Products 2011.01.20 Notice of The Release ofJB Series Low Height Bridge DiodesProduct Development Announcement

Semiconductor Products 2011.01.11 Notice of The Release of 5th Generation Schottky Barrier Diodes SU SeriesProduct

2010.05.24 We Have Developed a New Power Conditioner for Photovoltaic Generation: The "SOLGRID* Series" 10 kW "PVS010T200"!

Semiconductor Products 2010.03.25
Notice of The Release of LED Failure Frevention SIDACs (Bidirectional Thyristors)

Semiconductor Products 2010.01.27 Notice of The expansion of Bypass Diodes for Solar Cell Modules

Semiconductor Products 2009.09.08 Notice of The Expansion of The D3K Package "UD Series"

Semiconductor Products 2009.08.27
Notice of The New Release of 3rd-Seneration Schottky Barrier Diodes

Semiconductor Products 2009.08.27
Notice of the Release of 600 V FRD "K Series" for Current Threshold Mode PFC

Semiconductor Products 2009.07.03
Low VF, Low Trr, High Surge Resistance!  Notice of The Expansion of The 400V Fast Recovery Diode "U Series"

Semiconductor Products 2009.06.03
Notice of The Release of The JA Series: Low-Height Bridge Diodes in a New Package

Power Module 2009.04.27
Notice of The Release of The HNDS/HNAS Series of DC-DC Converter Modules

Semiconductor Products 2009.03.17
Notice of The New Release of The DC-DC Converter Power IC "MD" Series

Semiconductor Products 2009.03.04
Notice of The New Release of The Schottky Barrier Diode "SLSBD" Series