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CSR initiatives

CSR initiatives

In order to contribute to the growth of society and the prosperity of mankind, every company in the Shindengen Group will work to earn the trust of its customers and shareholders as well as the respect of society and local communities. This effort will allow employees to work with pride, creating an energetic working environment in harmony with the environment, so as to become the “ideal corporate citizen” of the world.

This is Shindengen’s CSR basic principle. We, as a group, are pursuing this basic principle and, with “maximizing energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society” as our corporate mission, are working to help achieve a low-carbon society by developing and providing products with superior environmental performance.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to be an issue of growing importance, and the Shindengen Group has established a CSR committee to expand the CSR activities of all the group companies, and we are engaged in social contribution activities, employee health and safety activities, and initiatives for the conflict mineral issue.

While promoting CSR management, establish social themes in terms of the value chain, and contribute to sustainable development of society and the global environment in order to gain the trust of customers and shareholders, to be regarded positively in the regions and by society in general, and to ensure that employees and their families are proud of the company.

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